It’s “MY” story…

Our life of cravings and desires we certainly made a story out of it.

Story, which grows every single day. Story of birth, story of heartbreak, story of you being changed, life is a complicated story but nothing else.

So, what is it ? You making your life a story or life playing it cleverly and moulding it into a story. Whatever it is!

I too had a story but mine is certainly not the magical one like every other story. Mine is a story of dejection, isolation, sadness. Have seen broken hearts but mine is the story of broken spirit. Yet with all of it, it’s a story of compassion, chivalry, beauty, self-love and admiration. People lose their hopes, self and things on, what ? For the one’s who they think will value them.

Fortunately, we can’t always be right enough. And I feel lucky to know that I wasn’t right.

Yes! I wasn’t. There is a beauty in being hurt as well, beauty in every tear which comes out, with every pain comes out the scars of beauty. I finally ended up being one of my own kind. Who loved herself first then the others. Selfish? Nah! It’s self-love.What do you think it helped ? Yes it did.

“No Rapunzel, no Cinderella ever adored me enough for I have my own fairytale to write”.

Fair story, fair life.


26 thoughts on “It’s “MY” story…”

  1. Gud work,when u started writing vlog but it’s a good story of our life wrote everything in few paragraphs and I hope you come up with few more exciting blogs..😁

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  2. Phirr se ek baar sachano ka naam uncha krr diya πŸ˜‚yeah πŸ˜‰hamesha sahi likhti h πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β™‘β™‘β™‘


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