The Stars on her Black Dress

Source: The Stars on her Black Dress



“With every dark night she slept with undue hopes. The world adopted very little of her. May be what they searched deeply within the branches of me was hidden deep down the roots”.

“Waking up on every winter morning was rough for me with my heart so cold. It was then I felt the dazzling rays of sunshine making me warm within and calming down my soul”.

“Yes! I get drunk. For you’ll never realise what pleasure it gives me to go beyond the visible boundaries. Get drunk with the nature and realise how you get free from humanly burdens”.

“Adoring the subset comes naturally to me. It’s makes me feel good about my bad. It holds on to me, by giving me a hope that one day it ll be a good time for me rise again, to shine through my burns, to grow from my fear”.

It’s too Illusive to reality, too easy to solve, too straight to curve around, too predictable to unpredict, too deep to fly with, too right to do wrong, too small to love long. It’s life! Hold on to it. And live!

Fair Nature, Fair Life!


Black, is my colour, my identity.

It’s my shade of rainbow.

It’s the colour of my canvas to draw on.

Choosing it still means something to me.

It’s my symbol of completeness,

As it has it all. All shades!

It’s not sad, rather colours like “red” tear me apart.

Black is deep, it’s suspicious and complete.

For it is the colour of a poet.

It has got its own identity.

It’s a hope! It’s a believe!

After every night, what’s comes next ?

The rays of light, the charms of bloom.

So, what made you adore it more ?

Fair Black, Fair Life

(Ps: Photography Device- Phone’s camera )

Satisfied ??

Just think!

Is there anything which can certainly satisfy the human need? You’ve got all the riches of the world but not the one you loved. Will you be satisfied? You’ve got your lover for life but not the life experiences which you wanted. It’s the need of everything and everyone which ALWAYS keeps the person wandering and crave, for more and more. We were taught to be happy with every thing that we possessed. Can you be ? It is a thought to think and ponder upon.

It is an understood notion that we are all broken. Some more! Some less! We all were told that we aren’t capable of doing anything in life at some point of time. We all lose hopes. We all feel miserable. The sun only rises when it’s the right time for it to rise not before not after. We’ll all rise one day, when it will finally be the right time for us to wake up and rise. Slowly yet brightly.

“Trust me it’s the world of misery which somewhere keeps us close to the Divine. Imagine the life of all the pleasures and desires. Will you ever think of the creator then ?”

Fair World, Fair Life.

Odyssey of self discovery

With every subtle morning I still felt heavy like a mountain who bears the blues of waterfall passing through it. Heaviness! With every pinks and yellows of the sunrise, all I could see were just the tints of black. Beholding me back. In the dead of nights, craved me those thoughts of my past deeds. Fed generously by the mountain streams, the river poured, gradually and gently it settled. Just like a turbulent river, after constant turning and bending I leisurely found my wind to flow with. And thus, could see the crystal clear water wandering all over.

For I crave to be a river, no forcing no holding back, never still. Free to flow!”

Fair river, fair life!

Conspired By Life, Driven By Dreams